We're a diverse group - beginner to fanatic - welcoming all. Just remember we were new not long ago.

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We try to be better tangueros, hosting teachers from afar, organizing classes, milongas and anything that promotes Tango as a form of art.

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"Let it be TANGO!"- any shape it might take.

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Invited artists / performers / DJs


999288_535117499899156_668402687_n Casa Artelor

The House of Arts or Yard with the chestnut tree, as we are used to call it, offers its warm Pygmalion Gallery, the scenic yard centered by the chestnut, Klapka Caffe and the Studio, for our thursday milonga, tango caffe, theater play and tango stories.

10565666_1532596386955404_1102214141_o Lloyd Restaurant

Our gorgeous location for the Friday and Sunday milongas:
Lloyd Restaurant was inaugurated in 1926 as 'Grand Cafe Lloyd', with its beautiful location in the heart of the city and the luxurios interior it remained to this day a symbol of Timisoara.

Sala 2 Sala 2 Teatrul National Timisoara

With the help of the National Theatre, we will decorate a magnificent space, a real playground, that gives us the possibility to be inventive in creating the perfect Saturday Milonga. Don't miss it.