• Maria & Endre
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  • T Solange
  • T Vanghelis&Marianna
  • PF Horia &Ioana
  • DJ Lalla
  • Laura & Csongor
  • Dj Vera
  • T Harmony
  • Ionut Peia
  • Andrei Groza

Another year has gone by, and thus we have grown a lot. Therefore, our wish is to gather all our friends that have joined us during this time, along with people we have not yet met, in order to celebrate four  years of Argentine tango in Timisoara.

We shall enjoy the cozy atmosphere created by the artists taking part in this event – by those whose music we find truly inspiring, and those who have shared with us the experience they gained throughout many years of dancing.


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Marianna Koutandou & Vaggelis Hatzopoulos

T Solange

Solange Chapperon

Maria & Endre

Performers Szeghalmi Endre & Glotz Mária

Laura & Csongor

Performers Csongor Kicsi & Laura Iaru

PF Horia &Ioana

Performers Horia Calin Pop & Ioana Lascu

Dj Sunaila slide


Laura Iaru slide

DJ Laura Iaru

Dj Vera

Dj Vera

Horia slide

DJ Horia Calin Pop

DJ Lalla

Dj Anca Madroane

T Harmony

Tango Harmony

Ionut Peia

Ionut Peia

Andrei Groza

Andrei Groza