DJ Horia Calin Pop

“I started to collect tango digital music since 2007. Even though I didn’t know how to dance tango I liked to have this genre in my music library. Tango dancing came later and the music came in handy. I like to play clear and profound tandas that have something important to tell. I want my music to make people connect, to be simple, easy and natural. I love to make people dance! I try to figure out their energy potential on it. We can try to create new energy (interesting, but risky). We can also go with the flow and maybe influence a very little bit, enough to challenge the dancers. I love to put light melodic tandas, with chilly rhythmical ones but i love to spice it up with fluid and playful milongas and waltzes. I never miss to put at least a surprise tanda per night. I’m a romantic; my favourite tanda is Di Sarli with Florio.”