DJ Laura Iaru

Laura Iaru – Tango Bailarina, Profesora, Milonguera & Tango DJ – Bucharest, Romania –

For Laura, her life would be meaningless today without tango!

Ever since June 2006, when the Argentine tango entered her life, her wish was to discover its mystery and she understood that beyond steps, figures and body movement, tango is a way of expression of the human being, full of feeling, emotion, elegance and respect, an embrace between a man and a woman who share to each other their joy, sadness, cares, life dramas, happiness, love for a few minutes in a very living dance.

Over her 8 years of tango, although she understood and discovered from the beginning what tango means for her, she participated at several workshops sustained by several couples of tango maestros from Buenos Aires and international, in Romania, at international festivals and in Buenos Aires. She traveled to Buenos Aires more times, where she spent time around old/viejos milongueros at traditional milongas portenas, especially followed by the wish of finding and understanding the mystery, essence, history of tango and tango culture. However, Laura considers that she owes her tango, all that she has learnt and discovered about tango and all that tango means for her nowadays, to her maestros from Buenos Aires, true tango legends – Javier RODRIGUEZ and Andrea MISSE!

As she thinks that studying and discovering tango is a never ending story, she hasn’t stopped studying it and she is still taking part at workshops, after which she always lives tango revelations.

Laura teaches tango since June 2009 at TangoBrujo School in Bucharest, Romania. She teaches tango group classes and women tango technique and elegance classes and, from time to time, she is invited and goes to teach women’s technique & elegance classes to other tango communities.

In July 2014 she participated for the first time with Csongor Kicsi at the European Tango Championship in Italy, a subsidiary of the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires, they got into the final and took the 10th place.


Laura is tango DJ since 2009 and she Dj’s at the weekly milonga organized by TangoBrujo in Bucharest – “Milonguita de La Scena” and she is also invited to DJ tango at other tango events, national and international, such as: “Tangocamp Sweden Festival” , “Rome San Valentines Tango Marathon” – Italy, “1st and 2nd Moldavian Autumn Dances Tango” – Rep of Moldavia, “3rd Balkan Tango Weekend in Varna” –Bulgaria, “Burgas Tango Festival” in Bulgaria, “1st Iasi Spring Tango Festival” – Romania, “2nd Timisoara Tango Festival” – Romania, “Roman Holiday Tango Marathon” – Rome, Italy, “1st Bucharest Tango Marathon”, “1st and 2nd Bucharest White Tango Nights”, 1st and 2nd Bucharest Spring Tango Weekend”, “Anivertango 4” – Timisoara, Romania and others.


Also, she organizes every year in Bucharest workshops and tango events with great value maestros from Buenos Aires: “Bucharest Tango Fantasia” in middle September, ever since 2009 with Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Misse – up to 2011 and in present with Noelia Barsi, “Bucharest Spring Tango Weekend” in middle April with Jose Almar and Juliana Aparicio and “Bucharest White Tango Nights” at the end of November with Virginia Pandolfi and Ney Melo.


Laura wishes that more and more people let themselves charmed by the mystery and beauty of pure Argentine tango, embrace themselves and dance with feeling!