Performers Horia Calin Pop & Ioana Lascu

“For me, tango is life. Over the past days, I’ve thought I’ve understood why we, pleple, dance. I’ve figured out that thorugh dance we manage to express, in a non-verbal fashion, things we hear or feel and we have no other manner of expressing them. While dancing you can allow yourself to interpret and reinterpret the music in various ways. Tango, in its essence, offers a lot of human bonding. Nowadays, no one offers free compassion in the way that in tango people hug for hug’s sake. Tango teaches us to respect eacho other. Tango is the queen dance. 

Every year, Horia and his partener, Ioana Lascu, organize an event which is well-known not only in Romania, but also around Europe;  Tango Cazino has two successful editions that gathered tangueros from all over the world. It is a great pleasue to have him present every year at our event. Along with Ioana, he has been a great support for our community’s growth.”.

Ioana Lascu and Horia Calin Pop  created the Cluj Tango Company Association at the beginning of this year. They both have a rich background not only as tango performers, but also in organising events that promote the beauty and passion of Argentinian tango. 


 Iona Lascu & Horia Calin Pop