Tango Harmony

Tango Harmony touched the audience the first time they played in Timişoara, during Tango en Primavera 2014, we are delighted to welcome them once more, at Anivertango 4, giving you the opportunity of listening and dancing to a live orchestra.

Members of the orchestra:

Katalin Bartha – violin, violincornetto, vocal, art director
György Lázár – piano, vocal
Bernát Babicsek – accordeon
Ottó Nagy – violoncello, viola da gamba
Gábor Piukovics – doublebass

Since 2002 they have been playing music for evening events and shows. Performances include locations such as the National Dance Theatre of Hungary and the milongas of International Tango Festival Danubiando.

Tango Harmony organizes tango salons with the performances of well known Argentinean and foreign masters: Juan Martin Carrara & Stefania Colina, Cristhian Sosa & Sabrina Garcia, Alejandro Beron & Verónica Vázquez, Özgür Demir & Marina Marques and of course the best Hungarian artists.