Solange Chapperon

Gyrokinesis® is a complete bodywork technique that increases our range of motion. It opens energy pathways and creates functional strength through rhythmic and flowing movement sequences.

It is a great training for tango dancers because it puts much focus on spinal movements such as spirals that we use for dissociation in our dance, but also works out the hips, legs and shoulders. This strengthens our centre and our body muscles at large, giving us more flexibility and control of our movement, balance and harmony.

Solange Chapperon

I studied Audiovisual Media Production, Tango and contemporary dance at Oscar Araiz’s school in Buenos Aires and at Folkwang Hochschule in Essen Werden, Germany.
Today I work as a dancer and tango teacher in Argentina, Asia and Europe.

I base my lessons on the social aspect of tango, while working on the awareness of the body technique, quality of movement and sensibility, to improve communication in the dance couple. I also take advantage of being a trainer in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis which allows me to improve my movement technique.

I’m co-founder and choreographer in the Dance Theatre Company KAMBRAS that creates and produces stage plays, dance videos and music. Our most notable productions are “Urban Resurreccion”,”The Sound of the Caresses”,”Pixilation 2″,1/2 Instante,”Ménage à trois”and”CRAM”.