General Information

Did you know?
Timisoara was the first town in Europe with streets illuminated by electric light. (12 November 1884)
Our first trams were horse-drawn – they were the first in Romania. (1884)

Safety and Emergency

Timisoara is a safe city but please pay attention to your personal belongings if travelling by train, bus, or if you are in the railway station, bus station etc. Try to avoid to exchange money on the street – you might be short-changed. If you are coming by car, avoid to leave valuables in sight.

Emergency phone number: 112
(includes Ambulance, Police, Fire services; depending on the call centre the calls are also answered in English, French, Hungarian, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian)

Don’t hesitate to contact us as well:
Maria Tîrtea: 0040 736 351 538
Andra Lungu: 0040 721 331 126
Anca Madroane: 0040 745 004 632


Currency exchange

Romania’s currency is LEU, plural LEI (pronounced: lay) and the abbreviation is RON.
The available banknotes are of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500 LEI. The subdivisions of LEU can be found as coins – they are called bani (pronounced: bahnee). One LEU equals 100 bani.

Foreign currencies may be exchanged at banks or authorized exchange offices (called: “casa de schimb” or “birou de schimb valutar”). International airports and larger hotels also offer currency exchange services.

ATM machines (called Bancomat) are available at main banks, airports and shopping centres.



There are several non-stop pharmacies. The closest to the city center is
“Farmacia Vlad” (Address: Str. Gheorghe Lazar, Nr. 8, Phone: 0040 256 201 889)
Find it on Google Maps.

You can follow the link to find other non-stop pharmacies:–non_stop/



230 V / 50Hz
Schuko connector, type F (German CEE 7/4 plug and CEE 7/3 socket, compatible with Europlug).
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Official language is Romanian but there are quite a lot of people that speak English, French, German, Hungarian or Serbian.



Smoking is allowed in most pubs and restaurants. There are restaurants with separate spaces for smokers as well.
Smoking is not allowed in the Anivertango venues.


Transportation within the city

Check the Parking, Taxi, Tram, Bus page.


Drinking Water

Tap water is drinkable, excepting particular cases where a notification warn is a must.


City Tour

Alexandra is the best tour guide Timisoara could ever have. She loves the city and knows every detail about it. From real stories to fictional ones, she will entertain you all the way and give you the best ride through the beautiful “Little Vienna”.

Get in touch with Alexandra by the link below and find out more about prices and the city tours :)

Registration is open

Have a look at our wonderful teachers and DJs and join us in this 5th edition of Anivertango.
We will be very pleased to have you here, in the beloved city Timisoara.