How to Get to Timisoara

Our beautiful city Timișoara is situated in the in the Western part of Romania, close to the Hungarian and Serbian borders. You can get quite easily to us. Here are a few options:


The A1 highway takes you right near Timisoara.
The highway is connected to other European highways. For example, you can get from Timișoara to Budapest (Hungary) in 3 hours, or to Vienna (Austria) in 5 hours.
The Vignette price for 7 days (minimum) is approximately 7€.



Timișoara Airport operates different airlines like Wizzair, Lufthansa, Tarom but it might be cheaper to fly to Belgrade or Budapest and get a bus from there. So, here are the options:

Fly to Timisoara

Timișoara Airport is located 12 km from the city. From the airport you can get a taxi or bus.

Tip: If you get there, have a glimpse at Vuia I flying machine replica in front of the airport. Vuia I was designed by Traian Vuia, a romanian inventor, who successfully flew it in 1906 (12m at 1m height; independent take-off). More about this here.

Beware that you can only pay in lei (RON) and the exchange rates in the airport are not so good. It is better to exchange money before getting to Timișoara or to withdraw some money from an ATM. (ATMs are available in the airport as well)

get a Taxi from the airport
costs 35-40 LEI  (~9€)

We recommend to use Euro Taxi. You can call a taxi in English at 0040 256 941.

Taxis are available in front of the two terminals. Use only registered taxis like: Euro Taxi, Tudo Taxi, Radio Taxi, Fan Taxi. Don’t trust the drivers that offer their service right after you exit the terminal. They charge very high prices.

get a Bus from the airport
costs 2.5 LEI (<1 €)

The bus that connects the airport to the city center is E4 (Express 4).
You can also take bus E4b that connects the airport to the railway station.
Bus tickets can be bought in the airport from 6:00 to 22:00.
Bus schedule:
E4 :
*Keep in mind that travelling by taxi in Romania is not very expensive. It is faster and comfortable, as it takes you exactly where you want to get.


Fly to Belgrade and get a bus to Timisoara

The Belgrade airport is 180 km from Timișoara. We recommend using this transport company for transfer from the airport:
You have to call them to make a reservation. They will pick you up from the airport and take you to the address you want in Timișoara. The price for a round trip (both ways) is 45 €.

Fly to Budapest and get a bus to Timisoara

Budapest airport is a bit further – 300 km from Timișoara, but the travelling time is about the same as in case of the Belgrade airport transfer (Timișoara and Budapest are connected by highways). The cost is 60 – 70 € round trip (both ways).
Please, check the below websites in order to choose the transport company that best suits you:



Timisoara’s main railway station (called Timisoara Nord) is connected to several European cities. For example, there are some direct international trains coming from the following cities:

Vienna (Westbahnhof)
Budapest (Keleti Railway station)

Budapest Keleti Railway station is a very good connection point. So if you are travelling from other cities (for example Bratislava, Brno, Prague, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg and others) and you can’t find a direct train to Timișoara, travelling with a connection in Budapest is a very good option.

To find the best route visit these websites:
International trains:
Trains in Romania:



If you are planning to come by bus, you might find these websites useful:

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