Parking, Taxi, Tram, Bus


If you are a foreign citizen (your car is not registered in Romania) you have FREE public parking anytime in Timisoara.

If you are from Romania you should consider the FREE parking intervals: Saturday, Sunday and every day after 17:00 until 08:00 in the morning.
Outside the FREE parking intervals you can pay the parking by SMS: you have to send an SMS with the vehicle’s registration number and the parking zone. You will receive a confirmation message. All the info is displayed on the parking boards.

Remember not to leave any goods in sight in your car!



You can get around easily in Timisoara with a taxi – expect fees of 10-25 LEI (about 3-6€).
There are day and night rates and traveling outside the city costs a little more.
For example, if you grab a taxi to the Airport it will cost you 35-40 LEI, which is about 9€.

We recommend to use Euro Taxi. You can call a taxi in English at 0040 256 941.

The phone calls for ordering a taxi are charged normally. No extra taxi fares are charged for these orders. Mind that you can only pay in LEI.
Some companies like Tudo Taxi and Fan Taxi allow you to order a taxi by using their Android (and iOS) apps.

Use only registered taxis like Euro Taxi (0040 256 941), Fan Taxi (0040 256 944), Tudo Taxi (0040 256 945), Radio Taxi (0040 256 940), Autogenn Taxi (0040 256 988). Don’t trust the taxi drivers which try to approach you (generally at the airport) – they are legal but they charge very high prices.



Our first trams were horse-drawn :)
Unfortunately, no horsey horsey anymore – now we use electric current.

Tram and bus tickets must be bought in advance, you cannot buy them in the bus or tram.

You can find them in some stations from 6:00 to 21:30, Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday the ticket kiosks are closed but there are other ticket sellers open from Monday to Sunday. A one-way ticket – which you can use once in any tram/bus – costs 2 LEI (0.45 €). If you want to take the express bus you have to buy an express-ticket which is 2.5 LEI (0.55 €). The one-day ticket is 10 LEI (2.3 €). You can also get a contactless access card and recharge it as you need. More about this here.

The complete map of public transport routes is availabe in pdf format.
If you want to use only electric lines (tram and electric bus), you can download the filtered map with all electric routes.

The main stations have electronic panels which display the time when the next tram / bus arrives.
You can check this time on-line as well by using the Android app Public Transport – Timisoara.

When you enter a bus/tram you have to validate your ticket by inserting it in the yellow machine, located in the front part of the vehicle.

Registration is open

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