Horia Pop and Ioana Lascu, Anivertango 5, Timisoara

PERFORMERS: Horia Pop and Ioana Lascu

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Horia and Ioana have been dancing and practicing tango for 5 years now. Their adventure started off as an int…

Endre y Maria, Anivertango 5, Timisoara

PERFORMERS: Endre Szeghalmi and Maria Glotz

Budapest, Hungary

Mária started dancing when she was 14, but Tango arrived much later.
Love at the first sight! With her fi…

Anivertango5 Performers: Lucian Stan and Raluca Aldea

PERFORMERS: Lucian Stan and Raluca Aldea

Bucharest, Romania

Lucian Stan, with a wide dance experience since 2004 when he entered the Ballroom Dance World ascending to the …