PERFORMERS: Endre Szeghalmi and Maria Glotz

Budapest, Hungary

Mária started dancing when she was 14, but Tango arrived much later.
Love at the first sight! With her first maestro and dance partner Budai László she was teaching at several places and dancing in the theaters for more than 9 years. She has been two times in Buenos Aires and has visited many places with the tango as a teacher, performer or sometimes even as a contestant.

Mária has studied at the Hungarian Dance Academy, moreover she is a Pilates instructor which is empowering her knowledge how to interpret the movements on the dance floor and on the stage.

Endre has been doing sports since childhood but when Tango was coming it has changed his lifestyle completely. He started to dance in Hungary then moved to Argentina where he was staying more than half a year to study from famous maestros. In Buenos Aires he met teachers like the great maestro Carlos Perez in Sunderland, and danced in a couple of shows in the famous “Esquina Homero Manzi”.

He was two times in the final of the European Tango Championship in “Tango de Salon” category. Additionally he studies american jazz dance which combines the traditional technique of ballet and different type of body isolation.

Mária and Endre have been dancing and teaching together more than one year in Budapest in the Barrio del Tango Dance School.