PERFORMERS: Lucian Stan and Raluca Aldea

Bucharest, Romania

Lucian Stan, with a wide dance experience since 2004 when he entered the Ballroom Dance World ascending to the International Blackpool Dance Festival and Competition in 2011. In 2005 he discovers the magic of Tango and in a very short period of time he became one of the most well-known Romanian tango dancers and teachers. He is invited to teach and perform in national and international tango festivals in Romania (Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Brasov, Constanta, Busteni, Iasi, Bacau) as well as over the borders (Bulgaria, Holland, Canada, Turkey, Moldavian Republic, Hungary). He is also co-organizer of various Tango events like: Bucharest Tango Encuentro Festival, Tango Camp Breaza, Bucharest Tango Marathon. In his will to continuously evolve as dancer and master, he travels every year to Buenos Aires and brings back Tango Essence from The Best Maestros. As a professional dancer he is very hard working and willing to do anything in his power to insure the success of the performance. He was part of performances and competitions like : Traffic Strings “Gala Tango” at the the Romanian Athenaeum, he was semifinalist at The European Tango Championship, Todi 2014 – tango de pista and also participated in The World Tango Championship in 2014. He is dedicated to his dance pupils and passes on to them his passion and love for Tango, in his beloved studio Popa Nan 82, the place he calls HOME.

Raluca Aldea, an experienced dancer and dance teacher, she discovered the fascinating and wonderful Dance World at the early age of 4 . She soon realizes that she was meant to dance through life, so she embraces the classical dance, for 16 years. She graduates The National Choreography (ballet) High school in 1997 and dances for 2 years with The Oleg Danovsky Classical and Contemporary Theater. In the year 2000 she decides to leave the classical stage and enters another beautiful dance area, The Ballroom Dance. Throughout her dancing years she meets many other dance styles like: contemporary dance, jazz dance, folklore, salsa, bachata. She also has the chance to watch some Argentine Tango videos and they inspired and drive her in love with IT as she feels that she really connects and resonates with the history, the music, the passion and the magic of the Tango. This was the moment when she decided to learn Tango. In 2005 she graduates The National Physical Education Academy, with a license in teaching physical education and dance. As a professional dancer she performed with The National Opera of Bucharest, Oleg Danovsky Classical and Contemporary Dance Theatre, Cornel Patrichi company, in various TV shows as guest or as contestant, in Galas or street performances. As a tango dancer the most notable events among various performances were the semifinals of The European Tango Championship, Rome 2012– Stage Tango and the finals of The TV contest Dancing Romania, Antena 1 2013.

As a tango couple, Lucian and Raluca are in a rather young partnership which has turned to be a very good choice for both, as they connected very well in every aspect and they feel that they complete each other’s dance. Both of them embraced the Tango Escenario stile of Tango, driven by the love they share for the STAGE,… stage lights, stage smell, stage feeling. They are now part of several important Tango Events like: Luna Tango, a tango theatre performance, The Narcotango Romania Tour 2015 – as special guests and they are also part of the jury of The First Romanian Tango de Pista Championship featured in The 7th Tango Fantasia Festival.