a marathon, with many smiles

Dj Tugba, Anivertango 6, Timisoara

Dj Tugba Tanören

Raúl Navalpotro

Dj Raúl Navalpotro

DJ Gabriela Manea, Anivertango 6, Timisoara

Dj Gabriela Manea

Katalin Czidor

Dj Katalin Czidor

DJ Anca Madroane

DJ Anca Madroane

DJ Vera Tinkova, Anivertango 5, Timisoara

DJ Vera Tinkova

Claudio Coppola, Anivertango 6, Timisoara

Dj Claudio Coppola

and one great place to dance

Ambasada 6 We shall dance, we shall eat, we shall drink and chat

Ambasada has an unusual industrial but yet romantic appearance, great for changing the atmosphere and trying something new. Enjoy this big, refreshing space and the exceptional specialties the bar has to offer.

amazing food

chef Victor Popescu cooking for Anivertango 6 tango marathon   

Amazing food prepared by our chef, Victor Popescu – La Strada Bistro.

lasagna, Anivertango 2016, tango marathon  


join us and embrace Timisoara