Seara Tangoului Argentinian - TimisoaraEvery two weeks, on Wednesday evening, Tango Timisoara Team is organising a milonga called “Seara Tangoului Argentinian” at  Cuib d’Arte.

We have a cosy place in the city center

Cuib d’Arte –  Marasesti street, nr. 14, Timisoara, Romania
Take the stairs up to the First Floor.


… and a lovely Tango DJ

DJ Anca Madroane
Our regular Tango DJ:  Anca Madroane


Catch a glimpse


…and check the schedule

The milonga is organized every two weeks so make sure you check the schedule on facebook before attending:

4 thoughts on “Milonga

  1. I will be in Timisoara next week from august 24th to 26th.
    Is there any milonga in the town?

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