DJ Gabriela Manea

Romania, Bucharest

We all call her Gabi – a short, warm, heavenly name that suits her right. When we asked her for a description, she said we were the ones who should say something about her because we already knew her pretty well and that would make more sense. She was right, as always.

Here are some reasons why we invited her (although the list could be a lot longer, perhaps with no ending): we love her choice of music for the milongas, her respect for tango and tango history; she has a huge experience in DJ-ing around the world; she loves Timișoara and us; Gabi has a radiant smile filling every tiny spot of a room; she empathizes with the tango dancers, and the list can go on.

So let’s make it short: come to the Saturday milonga to have a live taste of all that we summed up here.